About us

Our Story

P R Newson Tree Surgery ( as it was known then ) was established in April 1987 not long before the great storm the following October. We became a Ltd company in 2003 and have been Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors for over 10 years. We were also the company that carried out all of the tree work directly for LOCOG for the London 2012 Olympic Games

We now offer other companies the opportunity to hire our equipment to revolutionise they way they work of sites with a large amount of arisings.



We are one of the most experienced companies in the country having been in business for 30 years. We have always been at the forefront of new working practices and utilising the latest equipment. We were one of the first companies to use:

  • Mobile cranes in Arboriculture
  • GIS / GPS mapping
  • Ultra-sonic decay detection
  •  Cloud based systems for fleet / equipment management
  • Full utilisation of Arboriculture Arisings  

Exceptional Value

Whilst we are possibly not always the cheapest contractor we do however, offer exceptional value for money which on many occasions will work out to be the cheapest option in the end. We enjoy preferred contractor status for many of our clients some of which we have worked for for over 25 years.