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Tree Work For the Olympics
After arguably the most arduous pre-tender and tender process I have every been through we were, in December 2011 awarded the contract for tree work along the Road Cycle route for the Olympic Games. This was soon to extended to encompass the tree work for the Greenwich Park, Wimbledon and Earls Court venues.
Primarily the work consisted of clearing sight lines and thinning trees along the road cycle route for spectator coverage. Within this also there was a large amount of enhancement works within the SSSI area of Box Hill and Health and Safety works where the degree of public access would be high.
We had to survey all the trees along the route and seek landowners permission to carry out the works.
Within the SSSI area we had to work closely with Natural England, The National Trust and local groups to ensure that none of the residents of the SSSI were unduly disrupted by the games. ( Box Hill is one of the strong holds for Dormice in the country ) This involved a fingertip search (Literally) of all areas that they were know to be present and subsequent preservation of habitat where found
View from the hill showing
the first hairpin
The second hairpin after
clearing for camera
placement and helicopter
Removal of timber where invasive species of trees had been removed to extend the valuable Chalk Grassland, home to the Small Blue Butterfly.