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Mobile chipping
We can offer a mobile chipping service for clients who have their own timber resource. Our fleet of equipment is very adaptable and easily transportable using our own vehicles / tractors to enable us to provide a very economic solution for all your chipping requirements.
Wood Cracking
In order to speed up drying, increase chip quality or just to reduce timber down to a size suitable for chipping, we can provide a splitting service. Our Auer woodcracker is based on a 13 ton excavator which makes a very efficient, economical tool for this job.
Timber Handling
Sometimes an essential part of a chipping operation is the movement of timber or chip and it is not often that the wood can be chipped directly into the fuel store.
We can either chip into tipping trailers or move the timber to the chipper using front end loaders.
We can move chip up to 32 m3 at a time using our 8 wheel hook loader or round timber up to 14 tonnes.
The same vehicle is used for the transportation of our Jenz trailer based chipper whilst carrying the excavator that we use to load it.

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